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Chapter 3: The DAILY HERALD

Read about the missing Mr. BORCHERT in the DAILY HERALD


Lima, London. German journalist and writer, Werner Borchert, has been missing in the Peruvian Andes for almost four weeks. He is now believed dead.

The circumstances surrounding Borchert's trip to Peru remain unclear. What did Borchert want in Peru? Why didn't he tell his best friend a single word about his plans? During the last weeks before his unexpected disappearance, Borchert had been working on an article about Mayan sacrifice rites for "Archaeology Today". He had also planned on interviewing famed Britisch archaeologist and noted adventurer, Lara Croft; however their first meeting, set only two days before Borchert's departure, never materialized. Mark Richard, editor of "Archaeology Today", claims that "there is no connection between Borchert's projects and his sudden departure. We've had no knowledge of his plans." The Peruvian government confirmed Borchert's entry into the country on the twenty first of February. He stayed in a hotel in Lima for one day, before taking a bus into the highland regions where all traces of Borchert end. Citing the bitter cold and lack of naturally available food in the region most doubt Borchert remains alive. Borchert, at the time of his disappearance, was a bachelor with no known children.

Lost In The Andes

lost in the andes lost in the andes