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Chapter 1: The Letter

Read the letter I received from german notary KLAUS SCHOENFELDER

Dear Sir,

I think time has come now to make some documents available to public. Knowing you as a reliable and responsible publisher I am turning in this matter to you.

These documents - a report about the circumstances of an interview and a diary of a trip to Peru - were handed to me by a friend, the archaeological journalist and writer Mr. WERNER BORCHERT in February this year.

I’ve added an article from the DAILY HERALD from March, 16th. I am not drawing any conclusions, and I am not pretending anything. But this article may give you a clue why I made up my mind to publish these documents now.

I am depending on you.

(Klaus Schoenfelder, Notary)

Lost In The Andes

lost in the andes lost in the andes lost in the andes